This Album Does Not Exist

See DREAMERS become the next big thing with the release of their debut LP This Album Does Not Exist. A band that melds alternative and classic rock in a refreshing and uplifting dance-driven style with tracks like “Wolves (You Got Me)”, “Sweet Disaster” and “DRUGS” makes This Album Does Not Exist a must-hear, easy to play for days on end.

Recorded at Fairfax Recordings Studios and co-produced by Kevin Augunas (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids), the album features DREAMERS' infectious sound which has allowed them to tour with bands like Atlas Genuis, Zella Day, and Stone Temple Pilots and with a Fall tour with The Mowglis and Colony House underway already, the band doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Elegant guitar riffs and narrative lyrics in “Wolves (You Got Me)" illustrate how often people influence us, whether good or bad, with "Sweet Disaster" following much along the same lines, only with a sweeter sound and the alluring, fizzy combination of champagne and sex. With a call to attention to our addiction to technology and the constant validation required by so much social media, "DRUGS" is a hook-heavy argument to experience your life in real time.

Fervently upbeat melodies carry out a gentle deception among the hopeful headiness of "Come Down Slow" and admitted heaviness of "To The Fire". The gradual remorse and hope for the continued support of loved ones in "Come Down Slow" is balanced by "To The Fire" which acknowledges that, no matter how much better off you would be without this one person in your life, you cannot let them go, you're continually "drawn to the fire".

Real in the truest sense, DREAMERS' thoughtful and thought-provoking look at life in your 20s on their debut full-length is a must-hear. This Album Does Not Exist is available now on vinyl and digital, so stream it below then grab a copy for yourself.

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