Fire Fire Ocean Liner / by E

Auditorium (Spencer Berger) offers a gentle lullaby for change with his single "Fire Fire Ocean Liner".

The difference between a singer and an artist lies in the core of their work, and there is no doubt that Auditorium is an artist, one whose craft is more than worthy of your attention. Not just a songwriter but a lyricist and a storyteller willing to share the darkest parts of his life with you (the theme of the forthcoming album lies within Berger's need to confront the reality of his own eventual death), delving in deep but handling that dark with an unrelenting hope and shining a light on the simple beauty of being alive. Lines like "it's okay to sink my dear" are a kind reminder before "feel no pain now, feel no fear" echoes to a satisfying end in time with an equally careful but unsettling video.

If you can stand to watch the video all the way through, it gorgeously ties in the uncertainty, fear, and ultimate calm that comes with the acceptance that something is about to end and things are going to change, whether you're ready or not, all while keeping you just a little uncomfortable and squeamish in its own smart way; it's really done so well that, if you think about its reasons, the video becomes far easier to watch. That being said, try to listen to the song in whole before watching the video; fall for the track before you let the visuals influence your opinion.

Check out the single, look for far more to come from Auditorium's caring and careful voice this year with the release of his album, The First Music, January 27th, and follow all those sites for more music to fall for.

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