Artists! Enter to win a free website build for your music!

The Music Rag has teamed up with Cohesive Support to give you the chance to win one of THREE free website builds they're giving away! They built the Music Rag website you're currently looking at. If your band could use a modern and sharp site or if you want to replace your worn out old site, enter the contest! The winners will be chosen at random and any entries that don't end up with one of the THREE free website builds will receive a majorly discounted offer to still get a website built for much less than you would normally have to pay!

The value of each website given away to the THREE lucky winners is more than $1,000!!

Site Features

Your new website can include many features:

*Cutting edge design and stability for a hot new site that can handle huge influxes of traffic with ease!
*Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integration from the ground up.
*Ability for you to stream your music from your site!
*Host videos, photos, and more media for your fans to check out and play whenever they want.
*Integration with your Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and more! (If you don't have any of these but want help getting them set up they will help you with that too.)
*Integration with BandInTown and/or a Calendar so you can let your fans know where you will be in the future!
*Ability for you to post updates to your site! Or, send them to us and we'll take care of it for you.

Additional Features Available**

*A website store where you can sell your merchandise, CDs, swag, and more!
*Website forums where you can engage with you fans and critics.
*Have something else in mind? Get in touch with Cohesive Support and find out if they can make your idea a reality!

**Additional Features may include a small fee. More information will be made available to the giveaway winners.


*Winners must be established artists with material already in existence.
*Winners chosen at random. No ability to improve chances of winning through purchases or other avenues.
*Entries must be submitted directly by the artist, not by a reseller or any other 3rd party.
*All contest winners agree to pay a standard monthly hosting and website support fee of $25/month. This fee covers the cost of hosting your website and support from our team to help you keep your site updated and running its best.
*All websites will feature ads on the sites as dictated by Cohesive Support.
*By entering you indicate you have read and agree to the full contest Terms and Conditions.