Killers In A Ghost Town / by E

We love The Magnettes because they're badass feminists with cool music and an attitude that makes it clear they just don't care: they're the big sister we always tried to emulate.

All jokes aside, with so many great pro-women/feminism pop ballads on our radar right now, the one we absolutely cannot seem to get over is Swedish pop duo The Magnettes' "Killers In A Ghost Town". It's honest without being uncomfortable and catchy without being expected and, through it all, a twinkling synth, lilting melody, and layered beats insist you lazily dance around.

Lyrics take you on a journey from childhood, preconceived gendered notions, and total self-empowerment, all in one sentence with the juxtaposition of "sweet little girls" quickly journeying to "get wasted and fuck around" over a dreamy, indulgent soundscape.

Plus, how could you not love a duo who states, "we're reclaiming the word ugly. We think speaking your mind and being weak, weird, sad, anything but perfect, and ultimately real is cool. We have no regrets. That’s the ‘Sad Girls Club.’ It’s a space for anyone who listens to our music to be who they are. Embrace the ugly."?

Check out the single below, head to all those sites, and catch the new video here.

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