Clare Maguire x Suki Waterhouse = "Elizabeth Taylor" - Press Release / by E

Suki Waterhouse put her directorial spin on Clare Maguire's new single "Elizabeth Taylor" - the resemblance in the eyes is pretty uncanny. Incredible song from an incredible artist.  From Suki "Clare has a resilience similar to Elizabeth Taylor; a reluctance to apologize for who she is." 

Clare Maguire listens to all sorts of artists these days; they have only one thing in common. "They are true to themselves," she says. This, more than any genre or sound or era, is all that matters to the 27-year-old singer-songwriter right now. "It's a certain attitude that I'm really drawn to," she explains, "and it really doesn't matter what music it is, and it doesn't matter who the person is. That's the inspiration for me."

This much is clear in Maguire's new music. After a moment away from the spotlight, the Brummie chanteuse is back in full force - still with that amazing, swooping, haunting voice, but with more raw, fragile vulnerability. Clare wrote the majority of this album at home on her piano, with her sausage dogs, on a diet of pizza and cups of tea, listening to everything from Rihanna to Johnny Cash, "If it sounds a bit rough around the edges, it's fine," she reasons, "because that's who I am."

Clare Maguire's album Stranger Things Have Happened comes out 5/27 on Republic.