Kiko King & creativemaze / by E

How did you two meet?

Kiko King: We met at Maze's house.

creativemaze: It was one of those constant surprises; coincidence; or destiny, however you call it. Then we made a song and then another one and we've been doing that four or five years now.

Your melodies are often haunting and ominous; where do you get your inspiration from when writing these songs?

creativemaze: I dunno. It just feels right that way. For me, everything is inspiration, all kinds of inputs and their reflections on your mind plus what is indescribable with 3-D words. All inputs find their echo within you. So, it's imminent; it's about letting go and just doing stuff.

Kiko King: I just get out of the way.

Are there any bands or artists whose work has inspired your sound?

creativemaze: Every band and artist I've ever heard. Some showed me how to do it and some I don't understand.

Is there a track from another artist you find yourself listening to on repeat?

Kiko King: Family of the Year's "Hero".

creativemaze: Hjaltalin's "I Feel You".

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard it?

Kiko King: Airbender music. The total sound is like a dance with all of nature's elements.

creativemaze: It is airbender music.. Listen to different songs from it and if you can describe it with two genres I'll owe you a beer.

What do you want people to be able to take away from your music?

Kiko King: Anything that brings inner peace.

creativemaze: To be able to look at at least two sides of a conflict.

Could you let us know about forthcoming releases or live dates?

creativemaze: The EP, Intellect Illuminated, is out on December 1st and we will be releasing a brand new video for our second track off the EP, "Wolves", very soon. We will be touring Europe over December with new dates to be announced early next year.

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