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Shropshire indie band Young Braves took the time to answer some questions; see what they had to say about their music below.

How did you meet?

Ollie: Well, me and Elliot are brothers and we used to play at open mic night where Jakob used to play as well. We used to be kind of almost rivals and one time me, Elliot, and our dad played this version of "Get Back" and Jakob just wanted us after that. He wanted us to meet and he called us up and asked us to come play with him. And then we called up our drum teacher and got Dan and that's it really.

You had already started to build a name for yourselves as Arcade Parade; why change the name to Young Braves?

Dan: Well, I don't know.. I joined the band afterwards and they were already, there were three people and they came up with Arcade Parade on their own. I mean, we carried on as Arcade Parade for a while and then I was learning about the American West in history and my history teacher said about how young braves were a tribe of Indians and I just thought that was a really good name. I put it to the other guys and they liked it.

Are you planning on using any of Arcade Parade's tracks on forthcoming albums?

Ollie: We're writing lots of new songs as Young Braves; we only recorded four songs as Arcade Parade so I don't know.. Possibly, but we've got more songs in the moment as Young Braves so it's probably likely that we won't use those songs again. We're looking to get some more, we've already recorded two songs as Young Braves, four songs even, and we're looking to do some more songs too, to put for an EP.

Jakob: We're not really looking for an EP before Christmas and then I think we're going back in to the studio to do a couple more singles. We're looking to release one track mid September.

If not music, what would you be doing?

Ollie: Um, I don't know. I mean, me and Elliot are still in school. I don't know about you guys.. Jakob goes to Uni.. What would you do Dan?

Dan: I would sleep in a ditch. [Laughter]

Do you have any stories from live performances you want to share?

Elliot: We played with Little Comets; they were nice. They took us to their dressing room and showed us around. There haven't been any really crazy stories but, yeah.. We talked to members of The Wombats at this festival that we played at.

Jakob: Elliot fell off a treadmill.

Dan: Yes! Elliot fell off a treadmill!

Ollie: We put it on the highest speed and then we told him to jump on it; we thought he'd jump and carry on running but he just jumped and went flying.

Dan: He went back against the wall.. Poor guy.

Is there a venue or festival that you aspire to perform at?

Ollie: Glastonbury would be a good festival.

Dan: I'd like to play at Rotherham festival.

Have you got any plans for a US tour?

Jakob: We'd love to but we need to get the money together.

Elliot: We have school still at the moment so maybe when we're older.

Have you got any favorite tracks you can't stop listening to?

Elliot: Oh, goodness gracious.. I like Additive.

Ollie: I'm liking "Where's My Mind" by The Pixies.

Dan: I listen to a bit of Fleetwood Mac and a bit of everything.

Jakob: I'd probably have to say something by The Talking Heads maybe "Psycho Killer" or "The Great Curve"; that's the stuff.

Is there anything you want to add or say to your fans?

Ollie: I didn't know we had any [laughter].. Just thank you. Thank you for taking an interest in our music.

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