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What brought you two together?

Lillie Lemon: We've been crossing paths for years in the local music scene, but it wasn't until two years ago that the two of us found out just how well we complimented one another musically. We bonded over electropop and classic Pokemon episodes.

Are there any artists you take inspiration from, either individually or as a duo?

We both draw a lot of inspiration from bands like CHVRCHES and Passion Pit.

What type of music do you have in your playlist now?

On our current tour, we've been grabbing CDs from every artist we play with along the way. We've also been listening to Every Open Eye, which is the new CHVRCHES album, and bands like M83.

How would you describe your sound or style?

We're self-deprecating synthpop with a dark sense of humor and upbeat sounding dance tunes.

Could you sum up your Aether EP in one sentence?

Synthetic landscapes paired with provocative lyrics and organic vocals.

Do you have a favorite track from that EP to perform live?

Definitely "Can't Get Home". It doesn't stand out as a single from the EP, but the vocoder combined with a building crescendo in the jam section is so unique in our set list that we're always a bit moved by where the song takes us.

What do you hope listeners can take away from your music?

I hope the music is fun enough that the first listen is enjoyable, but complex enough that listeners want to take a second look.

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