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For readers who aren't familiar, could you explain a bit more about the essence of this project?

Apollo LTD is a project that was born out of a desire to tread in new water. At its core it's pop music, but we wanted to do something new with it.

Why choose the name 'Apollo LTD'?

Apollo LTD came from NASA initially, of course. My uncle was an astronaut in the '90s so, growing up, I went to shuttle launches every few years… Space was always something pretty close to our family. I think that that led to a certain fascination that still exists to this day. The Apollo program was born out of a sense of ambition to go to the moon. We aren’t going to the moon, obviously, we just write songs and play them for people, but the name always represented something deeper to us.

Are there any artists or bands who've influenced your sound?

As far as influences go… I am not really sure who has influenced us with this project. Sure, we have heard comparisons but, honestly, there hasn’t been any direct influences with this project that we have been aware of. We get influenced by random songs, things, artists all the time and we might write a song from it. But often times they are seemingly random songs or artists that just spark some creativity in us. For instance…. about once a month I always end up listening to the Fugees album, The Score, in the car…. I love it. I couldn’t tell a song in our set that sounds like the Fugees though!  

Do you have a favorite artist or single of the moment?

Favorite artist or single at the moment…. “Genghis Khan” by Miike Snow is my new jam. Ratatat is also interesting to me…. It's more mood music, but I dig it though; it reminds me of LCD Soundsystem and Tame Impala a bit. We love a lot of stuff but I am always stoked to hear dudes (or girls) playing some guitars on a record. 

How would you define your sound?

Alt soul pop/rock music…. from the ether. 

What inspired your single "What Are You Waiting For"?

“What Are You Waiting For” is a pop song about typical existential crisis. Haha. It is a song that captured a period in our lives where we were struggling with what we were doing and where we were going. It's a song about the opposing forces of the universe in our lives…The juxtaposition of emotions and extremes - light and darkness, belief and doubt etc.

Could you sum up your EP in one sentence?

Music for the human condition I suppose. Or for people who hate Donald Trump.

What do you hope listeners are able to take from your music?

Good feelings. :)

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