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How did you two meet?

Trevor: We were friends and we did a play together, like two years ago, and then we decided to start doing music together and it worked out and here we are.

Why choose the name 'Bitterheart'?

Sam: There's basically no reason, we pretty much just had to name the band. It would be kind of cool if your band could be given a name for you, like, you don't have to pick your name when you're born, I would liked to have not had to pick a band name.

Trevor: Yeah, the name has like no relevance, it's just a name. I think eventually, over time, the name becomes associated with the music and the name becomes irrelevant. It should become, when you think of Bitterheart you think of..

Sam: Us!

Trevor: Us, exactly.

Which artists or bands are you influenced by, either individually or as a duo?

Sam: I guess, Say Anything is like our favorite band that we both agree on. What else? Amy Winehouse.

Trevor: I've been listening to a lot of Elton John lately, yeah.

What tracks are in your playlist now?

Trevor: We listen to a lot of Spotify so I'm constantly listening to the Artist Spotlight. So, like, no particular playlist just a lot of-

Sam: I've been listening to Paramore at the gym this week. Just this week I got back into Paramore; I love Hayley Williams. What else have we been playing dude? 

Trevor: Oh yeah, Fidlar, they're awesome.

What was the inspiration behind "Know It All", your latest single?

Trevor: I guess, the overall message of "Know It All" is to stick to your guns and do what you know is right for you. The song was really associated with where we were at the time so, yeah, just, do you; be yourself; stick to your guns. Sam, anything to add?

Sam: Yeah, the song kind of says what it's about; that's what's cool about songs, they can speak for themselves.

Is that single indicative of what we can expect to hear on your forthcoming EP?

Trevor: Actually, the EP, I think, is fairly eclectic; that's what we kind of wanted to do with it, with this song in particular. Each song kind of stands on its own, so it will definitely still sound like us, but we tried to make each song stand out and they each have a different feel. I mean, if you like "Know It All" I think you'll definitely like the other songs on the track, because it still sounds like us.

Could you further describe the EP, Wish I Was Wrong?

Trevor: It's not really confessional, it's just basically a collection of songs we thought would just be good to stand on their own. It's definitely fun, it's very upbeat for the most part and a very fun EP, like, it's fun to listen to.

What do you hope people can take away from your music?

Sam: Just that they like listening to it and it makes them feel a feeling - whatever feeling they want it to be - and, really, that they want to see us play live and be part of that; that would be cool.

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