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Catch an interview with Autumn In June and look for more new music to come soon.

What got you interested in music?

Autumn In June: I was actually just making music since I was little but I wasn't too into it, just kind of messing around 'cause my father used to play music, but I've been making music ever since I can remember. I was in high school when I started making music more seriously.

Were there any artists whose sound inspired you?

I grew up listening to Dr. Dre and 2Pac 'cause I live in the hood so that's pretty much what everybody used to bump, but later I discovered Pink Floyd and ELO and I remember I was listening to ELO and this song "Yours Truly, 2095" and I was like 'yo, this is like hella dope' so I started trying to discover more bands and more different types of styles and that's when I was like, I want to experiment with my music and that's what made me go way left and just try to figure out something for myself.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard it?

It's like the ultimate songs to vibe to, I say. I like to choose sounds that have a lot of emotion in them and I use a lot of analog synthesizers and I just kind of like to find some really cool sounds that trigger emotions - you know how certain sounds are like 'oh damn, I feel that' - and I kind of just use that to make a song and then put it together. So, all of my songs have emotion in them and I feel like my instrumentals always have that certain element to them so it's like it has its own emotion.

What's been most influential to your sound?

I listen to a lot of '80s disco and stuff like that and '90s hip hop too, like G Funk era and all that funky stuff that like Dr. Dre used to produce and, ultimately, I was like, I want my stuff to always  have like a feeling to it.

Is the forthcoming EP going to have the same sort of sound as your current singles?

Yes, I'm definitely staying with that route. I feel really comfortable in that route but I'm trying to take it to a whole new level with production and songwriting 'cause I usually just freestyle my music and I felt like it just gives the song a better feeling, the vocals and all that. but actually going through the whole song, I just want to keep updating my whole production and try to take it to a whole new level, but it is going to be like dance-y kind of synth-y and stuff, but I'm also making more slowed down and super chill and vibe-y type of songs too.

Is there a new track you're most excited for people to hear?

Yeah, there's a song called "Headline", it's one of my favorites that I'm wrapping up right now. I've been working on it for the past two weeks nonstop just because it's just been like a really fun song, so that's pretty much what I'm really, really excited to have.

It's the sound, the lyrics are really dope too, and it has like a really cool vibe. I feel like I really stepped it up with this one. I usually try to not use too many layers of sounds so it's just a whole drowning type of thing that kind of makes the vocals just sink into that. So, definitely I kind of put a lot more depth into the instrumental and just have the vocals really pop out and it was just fun to experiment with. It has a really cool sound to it, it's kind of similar to "Hey Arnold!" but it's a whole different vibe, instead of the happy, it's a more chill, emotional type of song, but it's really cool.

What do you want to say about your music?

Well, my music is pretty much, I like to be able to express myself truthfully and just have everything genuine and pure. For me, as a person I try to live without the fear of judgment, like I try to just completely be myself and just accept myself and if people dig it then they dig it and if they don't then whatever, you know, so that's pretty much what I incorporate in my music. I just go with what I truly like and I just take it there and I don't try to settle with anything else for anyone within my music, so that's pretty much what my whole style is.

Why choose the name 'Autumn In June'?

When I was growing up, since there's pretty much nothing but hip hop in the hood, I kind of got into making hip hop too when I was in high school and then, when I started discovering this new type of music, I just kind of completely took that route and just started focusing my whole time into that type of music. I remember I was producing for DJ Quik's nephew for awhile and I used to be around all these other artists, like the hip hop West Coast OGs and stuff, and I started taking my music to a whole different type of sound and I just remember them saying 'yo man, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time with this type of music'. Every time I used to show them like 'I got this new song, check it out' they kind of just told me you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, like Autumn in June, and I just kind of went with that; I thought it sounded cool.

I'm working on a new video right now so I'm releasing it in early April and it's going to be with the new single, so it's going to be pretty cool; be on the lookout for that.

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