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Catch up with brothers  Shareef  “Sha” and Tyreef “Just I” Nealy of Tru Fam and listen to their latest single "Janet Jean".

What got you interested in music?

Just I: We went to high school for acting so we got used to the stage. It was really intriguing acting on stage, having to learn so many different vocals and lines so, when it came to music, it became a little bit more easy because we were used to being on stage and had done our years in high school. 

Do you plan on doing more acting?

Just I: I mean, we're definitely not against it; we're not planning on doing it, but we wouldn't mind, you know, taking a role here or there. It's actually like part of our background. Sha, he actually writes a cartoon called "Cool Kidz".

Sha: We are working on another episode actually in a couple of months, but we're still in the process of writing right now.

Were there artists that inspired your style?

Sha: I would actually say Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Dev Hynes from New York City, so, all those different artists inspire us to be creative and think outside the box and try to really push the envelope.

How would you describe your sound?

Sha: Our style is just like indie alternative hip hop, I guess. We pretty much just know it's all about emotion and just being attached to the music and the sound and feeling the lyrics and just a dark production. We got a great stage show; you gotta check us out. 

Just I: Yeah, that's really us. It's about emotions and the feeling is real.

What do you guys try to keep in mind while writing?

Just I: Just stay true to who we are and we're doing this for our fans and we just keep creating new stuff, big and real, and just doing it for our fans. I mean, you might not have a million fans, but the fans that you do have, just capture them and bring it to life.

You've just released "Janet Jean" are you working towards an EP?

Sha: Yes, we actually are in the process of an EP called Going To The Ceremony. "Janet Jean" was something that we really, we heard the beat and we just kind of clicked. It was produced by one of our in house producers, King Faro, and the beat just kind of stood out and we just thought 'Janet Jean' and it just took off from there. It's like a real vintage '80s type of vibe throwback and it just captured our hearts and we just fell in love with Janet Jean.

Is the EP going to sound like your older tracks or more like "Janet Jean"?

Sha: It's going to be more type of "Janet Jean" record.

Just I: Yeah, that's the style that we found that we actually really love and we own that sound so that's the sound for us. That's the sound that Tru Fam is bringing out.

What do you want to say about your music?

Sha: We just want people to be able to feel it. People go through things in their lives and just playing Tru Fam, they can feel the passion and feel how bold and different we're trying to be.

Just I: Yeah, we just want people to respect it and it's about love, it's about girls, it's about real issues, and just a lot of energy - and it's definitely well written lyrics - and just give it a chance and open your ears and open your heart.

Just I: The next single hopefully should be at the end of this month called "Wild" produced again by King Faro and we have two shows at the end of the month. Should be setting up, hopefully, joining a tour probably in the summer. Just working hard and shout out to the whole team and PR, shout out to the Ultra Culture fans.

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