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Catch up with electro-pop band Talk Like Tigers, listen to the band's single "Gunning", and look for them on tour this Summer.

What brought you all together?

We (Charlotte and Stephanie) were looking for a drummer for our band at the time and Mark’s old band had recently broke up and so we met up to discuss Mark possibly joining the band and we clicked instantly. We have a shared passion for music and funnily enough, enjoy the workload that goes with it.

Where does your name, Talk Like Tigers, come from?

Our band name came from when we were in a different band, signed to a record label and we saw first-hand how cut-throat the music industry can be. We realised at that moment we must be fierce. We mustn’t give up on our dreams. We must roar like a lion. In fact better yet, we must Talk Like Tigers.

Which musicians have you been influenced by, individually or as a group?

Stephanie and I (Charlotte) listened to a really wide range of music growing up from Motown to Dance and Grunge to Pop. The vocal harmonies of Motown, TLC, Lauren Hill, All Saints and Destiny's Child have really influenced us! I think our alternative twist comes from listening to artists such as Björk, SIA and Roisin Murphy.

I (Mark) remember being at school and the majority of people listening to chart stuff and embarrassing 90s music and I was introduced to a live Van Morrison album that just completely set me off on the passion to write my own songs. Obviously he does a very different style of music to what we do now however he really influenced me growing up. My love of electronic music came from artists such as Björk, The Prodigy and Viva City.

Who's in your playlist now?

MØ, Haim, Tove Lo, Banks, Justin Bieber… not even ashamed in the slightest.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard you before?

Gritty electro pop!

Could you tell us more about your inspirations behind your new single, "Gunning"?

We wanted to go for a dancier sound with "Gunning". It is about bewitching someone but then the tables turn and you completely lose control of yourself within their mystique. It describes the struggle of self control and power. We feel that the music mirrors the subject. We can't wait for everyone to see the video...

Do you have plans to release an album?

We have just finished a long stint in the studio where we got to immerse ourselves completing two EPs worth of songs. We definitely see ourselves doing an album in the future, but to be honest we tend to feel that the EP route is a better direction for us to go down for now. If our fans ask us to record an album, then we’ll do one :)

I saw you have some live shows coming up, which of your tracks is your favorite to perform live?

Yeah we have been booked to play some great festivals this year already, including Evolution Emerging in May - keep an eye on our website where we will be announcing all of the dates! In regards to performing live, to be honest we've just got to the stage where we are happy with our material to be showcased in front of an audience and so the shows that we have coming up are going to be some of our first... Isn't that exciting!?

We do have to say our latest single "Gunning" is sounding GREAT in the practice room! :)

What do you want your listeners and fans to take away from your music?

We want our fans to connect and genuinely enjoy the music that we have created. You know that buzz you get after going to a great gig… we want people to have that!

Is there anything you'd like to add?

It would be stupid of us to not mention our mailing list as it is the first place that we share new material. You can do this now at and we have been known to give away free downloads of our music alongside some very special treats…

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