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Photo Credit John Roberts

Photo Credit John Roberts

Catch up with singer-songwriter Seb Issac and listen to his latest single "It Feels Good" off his forthcoming EP.

What got you interested in music?

Seb Isaac: My Dad used to put Walkman headphones against my mothers belly when she was pregnant with me. I’d like to think that’s where the fascination with music since birth came from.

Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Yeah… It was horrendous. I made a vow to myself that I would never show that mess to anyone but my kids in the future, just to show them that no one’s perfect, even their dad...

Which musicians have you been influenced by?

When I started playing guitar Randy Rhodes was my Idol, then Jimmy Page for the majority of my teenage years. Once I got into songwriting however I appreciated composition a lot more and started listening to John Mayer, Dave Matthews, The Strokes, Tame Impala. Broad spectrum I know, but I love everything.

If you were to make a playlist to share with your fans, which three songs - from other artists - would you have to include?

"Let It Happen" – Tame Impala

"Bounce Back" – Big Sean (Especially if you’re in the dumps)

"Careless Whisper" – George Michael (RIP)

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music?

I guess my music is a balance between Soft, Acoustic, and Pop Rock...I’ll just keep playing/writing and let the industry decide.

What were your inspirations behind your single "It Feels Good"?

I had this melody I was working on with my loop pedal, which ended up being the chorus to the song. Once I had the lyrics for the chorus it made sense what the song was about. Back in college I got stuck in the routine of choosing quick fixes like a fun night out, sex, drugs, alcohol and even just being lazy (i.e. watching Netflix, scrolling through reddit, etc.) over focusing on writing music and working towards my dreams. It happens to everyone... So I made a song out of it.

Do you have plans to release an album or EP?

I do! I have a 5 song EP all ready recorded (including “It Feels Good). It’s just been a matter of mixing it to sound right. Release date TBA!!!

What do you hope listeners are able to take away from your music?

Honestly, I'm not sure. What drew me to songwriting was the fact that a song could amplify my feelings out of nowhere. I could get lost in a song. A song could be about heartbreak but the melody and energy of it would make me smile about a good moment I’ve had in a past relationship. I guess in the end, I just hope my songs make you smile, cry, laugh, or just feel anything, because it’d be an honor to be a part of someone’s day like that.

Is there anything you want to add?

To anyone reading this… Stay sexy and stop texting your exes.

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