Kodaline / by E

       The indie foursome from Dublin has been making a splash in the internet world lately and their first EP was released only two weeks ago. The band is comprised of Steve Garrigan, Vinny May Junior, Mark Prendergast, and Jason Boland and the fact that three of the members grew up together (Garrigan, Prendergast, and May) seems to give the band an edge, as their sounds all blend seamlessly together and they are able to stay on the same track, even as their sound changes from one sub genre to the next with each song on The Kodaline.
       While some question whether the band is ready to make their debut, due to the wide variety of sound featured on their first EP, I would say that the variety only adds to the bands charm. They are finding their niche in the music market, without eliminating their options for the future as the band grows (bands are supposed to change as they mature, the same way that their audience does). This wide variety, going from a retrospective look at a relationship in "All I Want", to the psychedelic rock of "Lose Your Mind", which quickly turns to the edgy indie rock sound of "Pray", before ending on the sweet, alternative rock anthem "Perfect World", gives them a larger demographic than a perfectly structured and easily defined genre would provide. 
       The EP is comprised of mature break-up songs whose raw emotions lie across the surface of each guitar riff, in an apparent contrast to the sing-along, synthesized pop singles we have become so accustomed to expecting from our artists. Each song seems to be put together meticulously, with the music mirroring the meaning behind the lyrics perfectly and I can't seem to stop playing it the album on repeat.
       The band is talented, obviously, or they would not be able to put together such a thoughtfully thorough, and diverse, EP; it won't be long before a fan base develops and demands a full length album. While all the bands I feature are amazing, they will not all be famous; Kodaline will be famous.
- E
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