I have alluded to this band quite a bit (like here, or here, or any of my various playlists or songs of the day) because the band is great. Though the band is on a hiatus (for medical reasons), you can still listen to, and become addicted to, their 'old' songs. They're all great; nothing can make me feel better on an especially awful day than a song about Mario Brothers or one that is just stuffed full of techno beats.
       ALL CAPS, an electronic pop band, is comprised of Kristina Horner and Luke Conard. The duo has announced that, though they are taking a break while Horner recovers from her vocal nodes, the band is still together and they will begin making more music after Horner's voice is healed. I, of course, cannot wait for the next ALL CAPS album to be released (hence, this post).
       There is no other band that is going to make love songs about The Office relationships, robots in love, or zombies who worry they will not find love. My oldest sister still claims that "Lumos Flies" is better than "Fireflies" (she's not wrong), and ALL CAPS is the reason her husband and I first became friends (my sister decided to leave her, then, fiance in the same room as me while she took an interminable shower and, after some awkward conversation starts (and pauses), he turned to me and said something like, "oh, hey, I was listening to that music you gave M and I really liked that song 'World of Warcraft Ruined My Life'"; and thus, a friendship was born). No song is as blatantly adorable as "Your Song," and there is nothing better to blow out your car speakers than "Can't".
       Check out all of the music by the band and Luke Conard's and Kristina Horner's youtube channels (and watching Conard's channel always ensures that you will see other good youtube artists), and keep hoping for the release of a new album.

- E
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