"I Cry" / by E

"I Cry" Flo Rida
       I know that I am in dire need of sleep when my mouth starts letting whatever crosses my mind come out without first censoring itself. This became apparent to me about five minutes ago while trying to put up a quick song post, but I wanted to put up something before the end of the night. This is how I prepare for a quick Flo Rida post after a little less than two hours of sleep in as many days.
   Me: "One day, I'm going to be a rapper like Flo Rida. I'll be Indi Ana. Or, ha, or Mont Ana."
   Sister: "That makes no sense. Your name isn't Ana."
   Me: "Or, OR, Dela...WARE."
   Sister: "What? That doesn't. That makes less sense than the first two."
       Between work, school, and personal obligations, I have been awake for nearly forty-seven hours. Just watch the video.
- E

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