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       I usually focus on the song itself; if you do not like the song, a music video, no matter how good, will not make much of a difference. I do not watch the music video before listening to the song, in its entirety, otherwise it could, either adversely or favorably, impact the song; I want my views on the song to be my own, constructed of my own volition, not those of a director's four minute vision. These songs are all great though, and their music videos only make them better.
       Ed Sheeran came out with his new music video for "Give Me Love" earlier this week (the end of last week...?) and it's so gothic-ly weird and great (not to mention how amazing the song itself is) that I just keep hitting the replay button.
       One of my readers shared The Script's video for "Hall of Fame" with me and I can't help but watch it on repeat. It's just put together so fantastically (both the video and the song). 
       Passenger's "Walk You Home" is great. It's a stalker-ish song, but his dancing is kind of adorable and the song is just so catchy and addictive (and his voice is just perfection. I love it).
       There were people who seemed to think that this video, and song, were controversial, but I think it's great. If she had done anything other than leave him there, I would have lost some respect for Carrie Underwood. If you find it awful that she could leave her 'father' like that, that's a good thing, but the only thing that makes this song better is the music video.
- E
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