Warrior Preview / by E

       Sometime yesterday, iTunes began offering a free listening of Ke$ha's new album Warrior (to be released next week) for a short period of time and I am only more excited for its release now. The entire album is great and Warrior sounds like it is better than both of her previous albums combined. Despite what people may have previously thought, Ke$ha has made it clear, on this album, that she does have a good singing voice (without the help of autotune) and that she is a good song-writer; and that she's kind of awesome. This album sounds amazing, so get Warrior on December 4th because now I can say, with confidence, that it will be worth it. 
       Full length singles which have already been released from this album: "Only Wanna Dance With You", "C'mon", and, of course, "Die Young".
- E
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