Best Music Videos of 2012 / by E

"C'mon Let Me Ride" Skylar Grey
       The video highlights just how greatly satirical the song is and the only thing that makes the official video better is the behind the scenes video.
"Into The Wild" LP
       This song was amazing on its own (with LP's vocals and those amazing lyrics), but the video, stemming from a "Bonnie and Clyde" concept, is great and only makes the song that much better.
       The song is great to throw into a summer or weekend playlist and the video reflects just how fun the song is; it's fantastic. Plus, Petricca's trek through the Mockbee building was filmed in one take and I always find those videos to be great.
"Red Hands" Walk off the Earth
       It's another video that was filmed all in one take and it's great; it's the only thing that makes the song better than it already is.
"Give Me Love" Ed Sheeran
       I love this video; a lot. It's so gothic-ly weird and no other music video would have fit this song as perfectly.
"Hall of Fame" The Script featuring
       It's one of those feel good videos that you just can't help but like, and I kind of love it. The Script is amazing, somehow makes them sound better, and this video complements the sound and concept of the song perfectly.
"You And I" Paper Route
       Aside from the fact that this is one of my favorite songs to come out of 2012, this music video is amazing. Daly is fighting versions of himself to save the girl and, after finally deciding to give her his heart, she shoots it; it's kind of amazing
"We Are Young" fun. featuring Janelle Monae
       The music video is put together flawlessly and watching interviews which show how down to earth and humble Ruess is will only make you love the band, and the song, more; and who does not love a video filled with flying debris and bar fights?
"Better Side" lady danville
       This video is amazing; it's adorable and fun and perfect for this song and no other concept would have worked as well as this idea of four friends finding, basically, the fountain of youth and becoming young again for one night. It's lady danville's first official music video and it's amazing and perfect; have I mentioned how much I really love this band?
- E
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