"Foundations" / by E

       Only Kate Nash could put together such blatantly true lyrics (without dressing them up and making them artful) with a simple and full composition and still create something that comes out sounding a little bit like a masterpiece. 
       The lyrics read more like a diary entry than something that was meant to be in a song (like, "you've gone and got sick on my trainers, I only got these yesterday" or "then I'll use that voice that you find annoyin', and say something like, 'intelligent input darlin' why don't you have another beer then?'"), yet they still work perfectly, and the constant and swirling piano melody is perfect for a song like this; and Nash never fails to put together the best chorus' and this song is no exception. Besides, Kate Nash is the only 'pop' artist today who would put "and dear God, I hope I'm not stuck with this one" in a relationship song.
       Plus, the music video is kind of great.
"Foundations" Kate Nash

- E
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