"Drops Of Jupiter" Live / by E

       Train's frontman (Pat Monahan) has to be one of the most charismatic performers I have ever seen live. He has the witty lines and the confident stage presence that only come with years of being front and center on multiple stages in front of thousands of people and I absolutely adore it.
       The band's summer tour is under way and if they come to your town, do not miss your chance to see them perform live. Each song was more amazing than the last and their clear appreciation for their fans only made the performance that much better. 
       Standing in the rain for three hours may have made my toes permanently pruny, but it was more than worth it to finally hear "Meet Virginia", "Save Me, San Francisco", and "Drops of Jupiter" live (and to see Pat Monahan's performance style; I truly cannot emphasize how amazing his personal performance was).
- E
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