After the Fall / by E

         Kodaline has a new single out and, as always, it's amazing (and, it's even available in the U.S.).
       The piano at the (which provides the base track for the remainder of the song) lends to the overall feeling of 'rock anthem' this song inherently possesses and, much the same as every other song from Kodaline, the lyrics leave me begging the question as to why this band is not famous (in the states) yet.    
       With that steady piano, a strong back beat, weaving vocal melodies and lines like "are you searching for an answer or just piece of mind", "sirens are screaming but I can't hear a single sound, and I'm feeling uneasy and I wait and I wait for a change to come around",  and "time is on your side, that's what people tell you, but I've got to let you go, I get the feeling that this is for the better and I just want you to know, I can't hold on forever, when all you do is let go", I'm finding it impossible to not immediately fall for this song.
       Get the song, listen to it on repeat a few times, then fall in love with it, because Kodaline has, once again, created a song that rings so true that their music has become synonymous with 'perfection' in my mind. The song's great and I couldn't be more excited for the band to begin releasing their music in the U.S.
       "After the Fall" Kodaline
- E
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