If Worries Were Weights / by E

       Dear You is one of my latest addictions, and for good reason. They've got that punk rock with great (yet unobtrusive) lyrics genre covered, without slipping into the realm of a high school level band; they're pretty awesome. 
       The band's fun, their music gets better every time I listen to it, and this song is so damn catchy; the music video may be cheesy, but it's cheesy in a really great and fun way and I can't get enough of it or the music (as I've watched it seven times already... You have to love that sign at the 1:30 mark). 
       This song is undeniably great and completely perfect for summer (and will be available on iTunes by tomorrow); it's going to be one of the main tracks keeping me awake during my trip to DC this weekend.
       "If Worries Were Weights" Dear You
- E
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