LP Update / by E

       LP's next album is scheduled to be released sometime before the end of the year and, with songs like "Forever for Now" and "Fighting With Myself" being recorded, I can't wait. 
       Her voice is gorgeous and, though I have said it (multiple times) before, see her live. If you think her voice is amazing recorded, it will give you goosebumps live. Besides, there's a good chance that you can stand right in front of the stage to hear her live now but, in a few years when everyone realizes how great she is, it's going to be crazy expensive to get a floor seat for her performances (words honestly cannot describe how great her live performances are).
       Each song LP writes is filled with so much pure emotion it's intoxicating and I have no doubt that her new album will be amazing.
       If, somehow, you still have not heard this song or seen this music video, do so now, because the video is fun and adorable and great for summer, and the song is perfection.
- E
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