SafetySuit Update / by E

       SafetySuit's music is timeless and, though I've done a post about them before (and mentioned them multiple times), they deserve a resurgence to the top of the blog page again; because they're really freaking awesome. 
Apology ("I want you to notice me, 'cause I'm already lonely and I don't know what to do" is great)
Something I Said ("I could take it if I knew just why I waste my time with you"; perfect)
Annie (from that opening speech to the guitar's fade out at the end, this song is completely beautiful)
Get Around This ("take me back to yesterday, if you can forgive me I will, stay by you only")
Never Stop (Click here for the wedding version; songs like this make it impossible to not love SafetySuit)
Stranger (that opening and "I hope that you aren't thinking of us like something you could never love" are perfect)
You Don't See Me (another song about being friendzoned and it's too perfect; SafetySuit amazes me)
Hallelujah (The best cover of this song. Ever.)
       Listen to their music, fall in love with every song, then try to decide on a favorite (because I still can't decide; everything from "What If" and "Annie" to "You Don't See Me" and "Stranger" is amazing). The band is working towards another album release soon and I cannot wait to hear their new music.
- E
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