The Maine Update / by E

       The Maine released their latest album, Forever Halloween, today (June 4th) and I cannot wait to listen to the album in full (multiple times), because The Maine never releases music that is anything less than great; everything from the teenage pop rock featured on their first album to the mature alternative rock found on their third album has been perfect, and I expect much the same from the band's fourth album.
       While I learn these new songs by heart, add them to all my summer playlists, and begin to write up an album review for you guys, you can get this album on iTunes or Amazon (or Best Buy or the band's website) or, at the very least, listen to this song to get a taste of the great sounds on this new album.
       I chose this song because there is a music video for you guys to watch, but you really should check out "Run", because it's fantastic (plus, the two separate songs give a wide overview of the type of song found on this album). 
       "These Four Words" The Maine
- E
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