Bonfire Heart / by E

       James Blunt premiered his first single from his latest upcoming album Moon Landing this morning and it's surprisingly catchy. Not being the biggest James Blunt fan (and having flashbacks to a karaoke version of "You're Beautiful" where my youngest sister began screaming that he was 'getting naked' in the video, subsequently ending the song and any leftover attachments I had towards his music) I wasn't expecting much, but "Bonfire Heart" is legitimately good. 
       Keeping a steady melody, a 'sway-able' beat (including a little bit of a Mraz stripped down and pure indie feel), and keeping close in tune to the sound and feel of summer nights, I can't stop repeating this song. It's fun, cute, and a refreshing change of pace for Blunt's music; I'm kind of excited to see what's in store for listeners on Moon Landing.
       Check out the song and the lyrics below, because it's continuing to grow on me and I'm starting to think it's a little great. You can get the single on iTunes tomorrow.
       "Bonfire Heart" James Blunt
- E
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