Brunettes (Do It Better) / by E

       "Her daddy must have been the devil cuz she hotter than hell" is an awesome opening line. What started as a song which I previously thought of as 'kind of catchy' upon my first listen has evolved into a ridiculous addiction as I have begun to play it on repeat. Everywhere (it's perfect when you're stuck in traffic). Also, "blondes have the fun but brunettes do it better"? Well, yeah.
       I may be biased, but I think the song is great. A song that starts off as fun then becomes monotonous is fine, but a song like "Brunettes (Do It Better)" that starts off as catchy and gradually becomes even better is great. 
       With an early 3OH!3 vibe, loads of energy, and a wonderfully danceable beat, KIDFORCE's "Brunettes (Do It Better)" leaves me wanting more. Check out the rest of his music on SoundCloud and make sure to share it around, because it's too fun to ignore. 
"Brunettes (Do It Better)" KIDFORCE
- E
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