Royals / by E

       Thoughtful lyrics, a great beat and hum-able melody, and notably perfect timing (not just in this video, but in every song they perform) make this latest Walk off the Earth song cover undeniably fun and I can't seem to get over the complete awesomeness of this band as a whole; they never cease to amaze me. With a fun strumming pattern, a steady back beat and those wonderfully scratchy male vocals (from Marshall and Luminati) and Blackwood's gorgeous vocals complementing one another perfectly, it's impossible to not love their version of a song that easily interlaces lines like "we're fine with this, we didn't come from money" with that constant "let me live that fantasy... I'm in love with being queen".
       The pure musical talent which appears to be so innate for each member of the band only makes me love their music that much more and I will be anxiously awaiting their next music video and hoping for a US tour soon (because the band is ridiculously great at what they do).
       If you don't already own R.E.V.O., buy it now (on iTunes or Amazon) because this band is only getting better and it's always fun to know the music before the band gets too famous.
       "Royals" Walk off the Earth
- E
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