The Fighter / by E

       I get a little crazy protective whenever someone bashes on Gym Class Heroes because no one can honestly say that they haven't sung along to "Cupid's Chokehold" or "Stereo Hearts" at some point and, if your claim is that they don't make 'real' music, have you never listened to the lyrics from "Ass Back Home" (get past the Neon Hitch part and listen to the lyrics) or "Life Goes On"? Also, "Holy Horseshit, Batman!!" has amazing awesome lyrics and is one of few songs where I made a cognitive effort to learn every line because the song is kind of amazing (it's actually, probably, one of their best songs).
       The protectiveness really stems from one song in particular though, because "The Fighter" has been my go to song for the last few years whenever I need to calm down or relax before heading back to the doctor's; I love it completely. With the number of times I've listened to this song (on repeat), it's no surprise that I would pass up the opportunity to see any of the bands I rave about if it meant I would have the chance to meet Travie McCoy (or any of the members of Gym Class Heroes), just once, because this song is refreshingly soulful and completely perfect. The song has followed me through far too much for me to not take it as your personality fault if you claim not to like the band; their greatness as artists is pretty evident to me.
     It's straightforward poetic perfection with an unobtrusive, yet full, melody supporting it, and, despite its unabashed cheesiness, it never gets old.
       "The Fighter" Gym Class Heroes
- E
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