2+2=5, You Suck / by E

       The Saving Pointe's latest single (off their upcoming full length album, available this November) was recently released and I can't get enough of it. The video is laid-back and fun, but the song's wonderfully addictive rock chords and catchy hook make it a must-hear. 
       The lyrics, and those vocals, are great and, with a solid punk rock rhythm that flows through the song with such enthusiasm that you can't help but love it, the song is refreshingly fun and I found myself singing along by the second listen (and third and fourth listens).
       Check out the song below, get the single on bandcamp, and check out the rest of these guy's work (in the links below), because it's great. 
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe
- E
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