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       Hudson Taylor's music video for "Care" was released yesterday and, though I was excited to share it right away (as any readers who check the Myspace, Twitter, or Google+ pages could tell) I reigned in my enthusiasm some so that this single could be featured on New Music Monday (because it's awesome and it deserves more than a simple Sunday night post).
       The video revolves around the wonderfully simple attitude which flows through the band's emotionally charged acoustic songs. It features the twosome playing their acoustic guitars throughout (through a vintage filter, of course) and ends with the brothers simply sitting down and looking out over the city's night lights; it's laid-back, understated, and completely perfect for a song which requires no theatrics to express it's emotions. The fact that the video refuses to take away or distract from the music itself makes it even better because a song which blatantly states "for heaven's sake, I have been screaming at you all the time...I only say it 'cause I care" needs nothing more.
       There is no doubt in my mind that these guys are going to be able to make a career out of this, and I'm left anxiously awaiting the release of their music in online US stores. On that note, if you live in the UK, check them out on tour this November; they're opening for Kodaline and I can only imagine how amazing that show is going to be.
"Care" Hudson Taylor
- E

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