The Good Die Young / by E

       After the past year, this song is deliciously perfect and completely addicting. It feels great and soulful and I'm kind of embarrassed by how much I find myself falling in love with a pop song, yet the mixture of the fun and slightly chaotic pop beat with these great lyrics and Jupitr's soft, yet gorgeous, voice is just too great.
       While, on the surface, the song screams "pop", the lyrics and track layering's seem to take much of their inspiration from techno soul and alternative music and, with the repetition of "it's just the way it is", followed by an ever quickening beat, I can't stop playing this song on repeat.
       Check out the links to Jupitr's website, Twitter, and Facebook below and don't forget to check out her other single, "Relapse".
"The Good Die Young" Jupitr
- E
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