Save Me Tragedy / by E

       At first, I honestly didn't know if I fell for this latest album from A Skylit Drive because it was gorgeous or if it was only because it offered a complete palate cleanser after the horrible pop fiasco I endured before finally landing on, and settling in with, this album, Rise, available on iTunes now.
       While I know objections are always in place when a new album comes out, personally, I like the fact that the vocals aren't as high-pitched now; I almost always prefer deeper vocals over the higher pitched ones (they're more satisfying). And, truthfully, up until this guy convinced me to give metal or 'hardcore' music a try a few years ago, I never would have touched an album like this, and this is barely soft core metal. So, I understand some people's hesitations, put I want to stress that you should just give it a listen (all the way through) before deciding whether or not you like it; I think this new album is put together beautifully. 
       Check out "Just Stay" is you're not a fan of metal, listen to "Fallen" to hear something from the album that still has a bit of the higher-pitched vocals of previous albums, check out "Rise" and "I, Enemy" for solid tracks that will convince you that this latest album is great, and listen to one of my favorites from the album below; it's kind of amazing.
"Save Me Tragedy" A Skylit Drive
- E
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