Superlove / by E

       A steady guitar riff with a laid back Beatles-esque feel and wonderfully soft vocals featuring adorable lyrics ("Dry your tears, all we need is here, some kind of super love, forget all that's wrong and make it right") make this song ridiculously catchy. The song may be a little cheesy, but it has a great acoustic sound and I can't get over those lyrics (because I love cheesy songs); I find myself falling more in love with it with each listen.
       Check out Robinson's Willamina Machine, out now, because all the songs are wonderful (personally, I have been unashamedly playing "Waiting On Cinderella" on repeat for nearly a full hour now; I'm sure that everyone within a twenty foot radius of my laptop loves me completely). Click on all the links below to check out Robinson's sites and check back later this month to hear more about this artist.
"Superlove" Robinson
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