The Way We Touch / by E

       Between trying to pick up extra shifts at work, family, and attempting to be, at least, an average student, I've ignored the blog, again. 
       I'll get back to working on some good posts and interviews with some (great) new artists for you guys but, until then, make sure to check out WE ARE TWIN's first EP, We Are Twin, because it is refreshingly amazing. With an instrumentation and back beat that begs you to dance, full rich vocals, and some of the best unabashedly honest lyrics to come out of this year's debut EP's, WE ARE TWIN is bound to create a strong following. 
       Start falling in love with the band now by listening to "The Way We Touch" and check out links to the band's Facebook, Twitter, and website below.
       "The Way We Touch" WE ARE TWIN
- E
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