C'Mon Man You're Dead / by E

       I am really not partial to female vocals, but Beck's are full and gorgeous and I can't stop playing "C'mon Man You're Dead" on repeat. 
       An amazing beat that is so easy to sway along to, a wonderfully simple yet full instrumentation, lyrics that state "look at all this trouble you caused here, for the ones you used to hold dear... see the way their hearts burn", "come on man, you're dead and you don't know it yet", and "and they don't know who you are though they ran very far to get away from you, we thought we knew who we were then we got our fingers burned just to keep up with you", and that soft acoustic bridge starting around 2:13 make this song irresistible. 
       This is just a small example of some of the amazing music that has been coming out of Australia lately and when Beck's EP, You Could Be Happy, is released on October 31, you're going to want to get your copy.
"C'Mon Man You're Dead" Sahara Beck
- E
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