Die For Something Beautiful / by E

       When I saw that this band's self-described genre included the phrase "fashion art" I began to worry (not that I have anything against fashion, it's just that I prefer boots and jeans or flats and skirts; keep it simple), but I am oh so pleasantly surprised. 
       The slowly building melody that leads you in is nice, but the song didn't hold anything unique until around that 0:20 mark when those vocals came in (have I mentioned how much I really like scratchy vocals? Let me just reiterate myself in case you're new here: I fucking love soft, scratchy vocals. I don't care what you say, just say it in that voice). Add in that wonderful piano melody (the best instrument, of course) that starts around the same time as the vocals, an evenly paced drum beat that tells you how to move, and the bands fantastic use of discordance during the bridge at 2:57 that only highlights the gorgeous resolution that comes around with the return of the chorus and those final notes which rise and fall before fading out, and I'm addicted before I've even begun to listen to the lyrics.
       Of course, a band with a composition that amazing is going to have awesome writing skills to go with it, so perfect lines like "you'll never find all the things you want...they will haunt you", "crawl on your knees, you might survive...you delay the things you know you hide", and "every time I see your face at night, moving slowly through the wanted lights, watermarks illuminate your eyes, every time I see them make me want to cry" don't even surprise me; I just want to keep listening.
       I'm legitimately upset that I've been missing out on a band this amazing for so long, because every one of their songs is just as fantastic as their last.
       These guys already have their strong fan base and amazing music, so just start falling for their music now and don't fight it, because they're only going to grow more successful. Get their EP, The Ends Beginning, on iTunes now.
"Die For Something Beautiful" Palaye Royale
- E
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