Different For Girls / by E

       I was never a fan of Gavin DeGraw until I saw him live, but it only took one great opening song followed by an incredibly suave move for me to become a fan forever. I had always thought "swag" was a bad thing made up by annoying frat guys or those guys that like brightly colored man tanks, but DeGraw turned swag into a good thing.
       His lyrics are awesome, the melodies are ridiculously dance-worthy, and those vocals and piano solos are so gorgeous. Basically though, I decided he was awesome when the guy next to us yelled "you rock" and, mid-song, DeGraw turned around, pointed right at the guy, and said "No, sir. You rock", then just carried on as normal. I think I'm in love.
       Head over to any online store and grab a copy of his new album, Make A Move.
"Different For Girls" Gavin DeGraw
- E
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