I'm Gonna Try / by E

       DeGraw's vocals are awesome, his stage presence is better than any other artist I've seen, those piano based compositions are always gorgeous, and I can't stop playing this new album on repeat.
       DeGraw stated that he was aiming to get this album out quickly (less than two years from the release of his last album) to continue the momentum from Sweeter and that he wanted to keep the sound fresh by collaborating with other artists to ensure that fans had a new sound they'd appreciate and that people could not state that "if you've heard one Gavin DeGraw album, you've heard them all". With a melange of genre rules, his always great lyrics and melodies, and each song becoming more addictive than the last, DeGraw has succeeded in doing just that.
     Check out the song below and make sure to buy your copy of his latest album, Make A Move, available in stores now.
"I'm Gonna Try" Gavin DeGraw

- E
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