Kill Your Heroes / by E

       AWOLNATION is amazing (not a single track on their debut album is anything short of perfection [except for maybe "Some Sort of Creature" because the possibility freaks me out]; you can read something about them and their album here) and all of their videos are fun, but "Kill Your Heroes" may be the best because there are so, so many reasons why it's awesome.
1) Bruno begins to put his jacket on inside out and, rather than editing it out, he just rolls with it (0:23).
2) He is so happy when he introduces "AWOL and The Milkmen" at 1:18.
3) Rhino uses the same guitar as I do, which is only cool because the band is accomplished but that is a really            cheap-ass guitar (mine is currently being held together by wood-glue and luck). It's an understated move, and it      just shows how laid-back the band is (1:24).
4) The only acceptable type of child is the type who can head-bang (1:37).
5) Bruno smiles, big, after stating that "every body will die" (1:42).
6) The band spends the entire video making fun of the ridiculous idea of an infallible hero which is presented by           children's programs and pop culture, and Bruno even keeps a smile plastered to his face while stating "I hate to       be the one to ruin your night, right before your eyes" before Rhino kicks down a play castle and the entire band       begins to tear apart the set of a children's program (including putting the cheap guitar through a picture..). 
7) And they don't give a fuck what you think (2:36).
8) The kid tries to bite the head off a stuffed bear (3:34).
9) Lyrics lines "never let your fear decide your fate" and "don't you worry we love you more than you know" are             perfect.
10) A band who wasn't cool and fun could not create a music video like this, and knowing that the band is                    awesome makes the music amazing.
       If, after two years, you still do not have Megalithic Symphony, go buy it from some digital outlet, because there will be a song on there that you'll love.
"Kill Your Heroes" AWOLNATION
- E
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