Let Go / by E

       There are so many reasons why "Let Go" is the best music video SafetySuit has put out, but this video jumps all over the place and, with so many great things happening at once, you could watch it on repeat and still not catch everything; there are a few things that are worth pointing out though.
1) That wink at the 0:26 mark is a rival only to that of Lucille Bluth's.
2) The dancing from 0:28 to 0:30 looks like my dancing when I pull out all the stops: amazing. Actually, the dancing throughout the entire video is perfect and makes the band even more likable.
3) "Everybody hurts sometimes" at the 0:39 mark: I once had a guy look at me like that and, while I can't seem to remember his name or the circumstances, I do remember thinking "I need to leave".
4) Brown has a singing conversation with himself for a good fifteen seconds starting at the 1:22 mark and I'm fairly positive that he's the only artist that could pull this off while making it look artsy and fun (as opposed to artsy and weird).
5) Starting around 1:52, every time that drum is beat, the item on the table next to it changes, growing progressively more explosive as the video continues.
6) Around 1:53, the bassist and guitarist become engaged in a battle of tug of war, using one another's legs as leverage.
7) That 2:36 mark is amazing (especially when played on repeat) because the combination of the disco ball, Brown's face, that whisper, and the actions of the man next to him (also Brown, just a different shot) all coincide to make the most fantastic one second of band coverage.
8) Brown shows off his palm at the 2:45 mark, featuring writing that states "I love you mom", and it makes the entire video adorable.
9) There is confetti and dancing everywhere and the band seems far too fun for anyone to ever have a reason to claim that they're not a fan.
       Basically, just sit back, watch the video, dance, and get ready to buy SafetySuit's third album; the first single, "On Your Side" (check out a clip here) will be released on iTunes October 22.
"Let Go" SafetySuit
- E