Man Overboard / by E

       All I really want to do is put up some New Music Monday posts (because there were some really great songs released this past week), but I'll have to settle for sharing a fantastic song that, while not 'new', is going to be on the rise. 
       Make sure to get your copy of Seasick Mama's "Man Overboard" from Dead Like Money on iTunes now because with a swaying melody that has just the right amount of brass seeping through, a wonderfully strong piano intro, a sturdy rhythm, gorgeous vocals, and lyrics as amazing as "you made it crystal clear that you're too scared to make waves" and "treading water will exhaust you, when it does you'll burn up fast, don't settle this easy if you're not happy" you should already be singing along to every line.
"Man Overboard" Seasick Mama
- E
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