Never Gonna Give You Up / by E

       I honestly don't know how to give a clear definition of this song without first stating that this is how you make a song sound sexy. You don't need a provocative video or overtly sensual lyrics, you need an opening verse which states "I saw you on the street baby, looking mighty fine, I said I really dig this girl, I'm gonna make her mine"; confidence is sexy, and when it's followed by the assurance of "I see that you're the girl I want, and I know you want me, so baby let's just get it on, so naturally" it only gets better. 
       The trilling organs, low bass, soft yet rough vocals, the repetition of "girl I know you're mine, I know you're mine, mine, mine", and that constant brass that flows perfectly with the melody, combine to make this song undeniably amazing and I cannot stop playing it on repeat.
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"Never Gonna Give You Up" Julian Taylor Band
- E
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