Pull Down the Moon / by E

       Cattle & Cane's latest single is, as expected, perfect. Soft folk chords with strong back beats, gorgeous vocals, and amazing lyrics have me playing the single on repeat.
       Starting from a simple piano melody and guitar chord, the song builds upon itself beautifully and, with sweet lyrics that read "if I could I would pull down the moon, you could swallow it whole, through your fingers let the beams shine" and "can you hear me scratching at your door, you say it won't be different than before, I will sing you all my songs, I will sing them all day long for you, I never wanted you to change", I find myself addicted to the song before that bridge even has a chance to kick in around 2:14 (with a soft acoustic sound and the repetition of "I'm gonna bring it down for ya").
       If you still haven't gotten your copies of Cattle & Cane's I Will Rise EP or Cattle & Cane EP, head over to any online outlet and grab them now and check their tour dates to see if they're performing near you.
"Pull Down the Moon" Cattle & Cane
- E
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