Reno/Monster / by E

       I wish I could think of something better to say than "thanks.. I try..." when my co-worker gets five inches from my face and tells me that I have "really nice skin" (what? That's not, stop.) Honestly, this is worse than the time I turned my boss down for drinks, then got scheduled for Saturday closings for three months. I guess you at least meet interesting people in retail. 
       I am so excited to not be at work for Halloween, and I'm kind of getting excited for my costume, and I am completely ecstatic for Halloween-esque music to distract me from the things I put up with to pay my bills.
       It has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, but the video's great and it is so much fun to scream.
"Reno" The Gods of Macho
       This one's a little more applicable I guess, for Halloween. Either way, it's still perfect for screaming and jumping around.
"Monster" Skillet
- E
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