We Goin Out / by E

       With a deep South fun and relaxed bluesy feel, I find it difficult to believe that he's from the UK rather than the Northern Gulf Coast, but with a song that manages to sound just like dancing and drinking outside with your friends on a humid night, it really doesn't matter where he's from.
       Lyrics that read "forget about all your feelings", "forget about all those tears you cry", "forget about all your worries...forget about Monday morning" in between the refrain "we goin out, gonna shake our things about" it's hard not to get sucked into the melody and start dancing around.
       With seven days to go, Son of Dave has reached 107% of his PledgeMusic goal needed to put out Blues At the Grand which will be available November 4. Head over to this site and sign up for Son of Dave's mailing list for your free copy of "We Goin' Out" and check out another one of his singles, "Hot Summer Nights".
Son of Dave "We Goin' Out"
- E
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