We're Coming Up / by E

       The band name alone had me convinced that I would like this band, a lot, but their music is kind of really awesome. The lyrics are articulate, the vocals are great, those melodies beg you to dance around, and I can't get enough.
       A strong piano riff, solid backing vocals, a fun melody, and awesome lyrics make up For the Foxes' single, "We're Coming Up", and I find myself hitting repeat because, with a sound like this, I'm going to have to head up to Orlando to see them next week (which should be an amazing show because I didn't even know The Downtown Fiction was still together, For the Foxes sounds awesome, and I am so hooked on Echosmith right now).
       This band's sound is ready for the main stage, so start falling for their music, learn the songs, and go see them on tour while the tickets are still affordable. Make sure to head over to the band's merch site or iTunes to grab your copy of their debut EP, The Revoultion.
"We're Coming Up"For the Foxes
- E
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