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       I had to take a break from all the great music that you guys sent in and just listen to my own music for a bit. That means nothing negative in regards to your music, because I've been listening to Jocelyn, Darling Parade, and Dean Field's music for over a week and it's all amazing and Palaye Royale may be my first 'favorite' band in a while (though I really don't like making that sort of commitment to one band.. the more I talk, the more I realize why I'm alone again).
       The only reason I started this was because I love finding new bands and I've been so focused on just sharing the music that comes in that I haven't had the time to look for my own music, and that's really kind of saddening for me. Since I haven't had time to look for my own music in months, listening to my own stuff during 'time off' from writing anything this week was a bit of a palate cleanser and, now that I can almost write about songs, albums, and bands again, I can, hopefully, come back with great music for you guys to listen to this week and even include an interview with Russell Howard (and maybe even one with Melodime if I can get my act together enough to finish the formatting [you may only get one interview this week]).
       Anyways, this music pulled me out of my slump because I kind of went through a bit of something and then there was a sort of domino effect, but I'm totally pretty okay now and ready to give you more music to love. 
       If you don't feel like scrolling through the whole playlist, the songs include London Grammar's "Metal & Dust" (it came out almost a year ago but it's still so gorgeous it hurts; get their single "Strong" as iTunes' free single of the week), everything from Birds of Tokyo's Lanterns EP, some tracks from Night Terrors of 1927's Guilty Pleas, Palaye Royale's "Get Higher", WE ARE TWIN's "Cold Stone Lips", "Hurricane" from Parachute, "Ghost" and "Moth in the Porchlight" from Folly & the Hunter, Elephant Revival's "Down to the Sea", "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.", "Give A Little Love", and "Rocks and Daggers" from Noah & The Whale, and The Hush Sound's "Echo" (probably took more time to read this than to scroll through the list..).
- E
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